Information Technology Services

  • IT and eBusiness Strategy — Alleyne can help you develop clearly aligned strategies to guide your organization. Our systems planning services include traditional Information Technology Strategic Planning and the creation of Project Charters for each identified initiative. Project Charters provide specific project objectives and scope, the project deliverable(s), the project structure (owners, deliverers and acceptors), approved budget, associated timelines and the project status reporting mechanisms.
  • Systems Requirements Definition Services that assist users in identifying and documenting business needs in a manner that supports the Request for Proposal (RFP) process (preparation, dissemination of the document and the evaluation of responses) or for the basis of custom systems design.
  • Systems Design and Development Services — Alleyne consultants design systems using the principles of participatory design (PDZineTM), based on the principle that design knowledge exists in all those potentially affected by a design and they can all contribute to design a better product. Alleyne Inc. resources also use the IEEE Systems Development Methodology that provides a rigor and discipline and promotes timely and cost-effective custom-developed solutions.
  • eBusiness — Alleyne provides specialized eBusiness professional services to North America’s largest insurance and financial services, healthcare and public sector organizations. Our team has over twenty years experience in eBusiness helping client seamlessly coordinate sales, marketing, customer service, field support, and other functions that touch your customer. We have the experience to augment your internal capabilities to deliver projects and initiatives on time and on budget. Our reference projects include:
    • Supply Chain Integration
    • Enterprise Portal Development
    • Electronic Purchasing Solutions
    • Outsourced Application Management
    • B2B / B2C eCommerce and Collaboration
    • eBusiness Architecture
  • IT Service Management — Alleyne will streamline your business processes, helping you become more productive and efficient. Improved infrastructure and service management will aid in leveraging your current IT investment to ensure your business processes and systems are reliable and operating at peak efficiency. Reference projects include:
    • IT Governance
    • EALC – Enterprise Architecture Life Cycle Services
    • Project and Portfolio Management
    • Consolidated Service Desk
    • Incident and Asset Management
    • ITIL Best Practices Process Implementation
    • Network and Application Security
    • Enterprise Systems Management
    • Application Centric Business Availability

Organizational Transformation Services


Organizational Transformation is the process that focuses on transforming the organization to meet critical strategic objectives and capture qualitative and quantitative results.

Alleyne provides client direction and support in the following key service elements for the successful and sustainable transformation of an organization:

  • Strategic Planning Services that are predicated on setting an organizational goal that is highly desirable yet currently unattainable. This begins a chain of action that leads to a set of linked goals that foster increases in performance, service and/or quality and lead to the creation of competitive advantages.
  • Performance Team Building Services that provide critical support for the transformation and embrace driving business decisions that translate strategic objectives into a detailed action plan and incorporates all current organizational initiatives into that plan;
  • Organizational Architecture Services that align the organizational infrastructure with newly created corporate realities;
  • Change Management Services that facilitate the rebirth of an organization and includes the acquisition of new skills and competencies for which specific performance objectives and specific action plans can be developed;
  • Operational Effectiveness Services that foster workforce deployment to elicit the potential of employees and consider Work Redesign by altering the way resources consider work in order to achieve significant results. Alleyne Inc. uses its PIPETM methodology to support the identification of Productivity Improvements through Process Engineering;
  • Business Unit Facilitation that considers redefining Business Partnerships within existing partner relationships; and,
  • Project Management Services that are supported by our proprietary ProMACHTM project management methodology that promotes successful project implementation through the principles of accountability, commitment and harmony.