Managed IT Service

Small to medium-sized organizations face a number of challenges in managing their Information Technology assets, environments, and organizations.

  • Continuity of IT staff: small departments that have staff turnover provide management with challenges in maintaining consistent levels of IT leadership and support. In addition, most of these organizations cannot provide long-term career paths for IT staff.
  • Cost of IT Resources: often organizations need a wide range of IT skills and expertise – including:
    • systems administration – to make sure servers and key hardware/equipment are kept operational
    • telecommunications systems management – phone systems, Internet connectivity, video conferencing, and telemedicine
    • technical support – for end-user machines and software
    • web site skills and resources (design and development)
    • application support – from software selection through implementation, training, and ongoing support. This is needed for both end-user applications (such as Office tools – word processing, spreadsheets, etc.) and critical business applications (e.g. Accounting, clinical systems, Enterprise Resource Planning [ERP] applications, etc.)
  • Access to a full range of IT resources – small organizations cannot afford full-time IT staff with the skills referenced above.
  • IT Leadership – can be an expensive resource for smaller organizations. Very few can afford a full-time IT Manager or Chief Information Officer (CIO).
  • Keeping current with IT developments – Staying on top of IT trends, new software, hardware, cloud computing, privacy legislation, and more are essential to retain competitiveness and minimize threats to businesses.

As a result, these organizations ‘make do’ with the few resources available to them, and activities such as preventative maintenance and proactive monitoring of equipment are not usually carried out. As a result: small problems go unattended until they grow into crisis; organizations ‘make do’ with poorly managed IT environments with devices not working and staff finding workarounds. In these environments, productivity and effectiveness for all staff is compromised. 



The Solution

Our Managed IT Services provide these skills and the requisite expertise in affordable packages. Organizations can contract for a team of resources that serve clients in a number of industries and provide small organizations with large IT teams.   

  • IT management – including 
    • establishing and maintaining your IT Game Plan, Road Maps, and Strategies.
    • as a member of your management team
  • Proactive monitoring of equipment
  • Patch management – operating system, virus protection, applications
  • Staff training
  • Development and management of business continuity solutions
  • Design, implementation, and management of your telecommunications infrastructure and networks for voice and data – across all locations
  • Vendor/supplier management
  • Hosting and data center services
  • Application or website – design, development, implementation, and ongoing support, maintenance, and enhancement

We provide the right set of resources to support your environment.

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