Crucible International Inc.

Crucible International Inc. [] has over twenty-eight years of operating history, eighteen of those as Crucible and, prior to that, as Manulife and Confederation Life. The firm assists client organizations with Business Process Outsourcing, Information Services, and Knowledge Process Outsourcing. Our main business center has been active in Bridgetown, Barbados since 1990. 

Crucible is uniquely positioned as a local (Barbados) outsourcing operation with the ability to provide knowledgeable services both on- and off-shore. With an International headquarters in Barbados and complementary operations in Canada, clients can demand and expect a cost-effective and loyal service provider. Crucible provides clients an opportunity to leverage our existing scale and infrastructure. Our service level agreements can provide you variable based pricing structure and budget certainty.

Crucible has in-depth operations capabilities and deep expertise in projects encompassing: 

    • transcription; 
    • document scanning and indexing;
    • call centers (inbound and outbound); and 
    • insurance operations (claims and administration). 

Over the past eighteen years, Crucible has served provided outsourcing services to public and private-sector organizations across the Americas and the United Kingdom. Our clients come from diverse sectors, including:  government; financial service companies (insurance, banking, brokerages, and investment banking); publishers; health care organizations; other International Business Corporations; and professional service firms.

Crucible can help companies lower labour costs; reduce paper or manual work effort; and reduce operational costs.  Our firm has the skills, experience and capabilities to provide organizations with tailored solutions.
Abraxas International Inc and Alleyne Inc are our consultancies providing Management Consulting Services to organizations around the world.

Abraxas International Inc.

Abraxas International Inc. [] along with its professional network, has significant relevant experience within public and private sectors; resulting from several years of experience and expertise dating back to the 1970s. This expertise combines with its experience leading and managing complex projects. This provides Abraxas with valuable insight and heightened awareness of the specific nuances and issues with key projects. The organization understands the internal and external pressures surrounding projects of this magnitude. 

The firm serves a number of industries including insurance and financial services; professional service firms; government and public sector; and, health care organizations.

Our professional services team has the certification, expertise, and experience to help solve unique management, organizational, and systems integration problems. We provide clients with end-to-end solutions to meet their business needs, combining best-of-breed technology with in depth business knowledge, market insight, and “cross-practice” resources.  

We have developed a strong network of strategic alliances with partner organizations. These alliances provide clients access to the “best and brightest”:

  • Management Consultants
  • System integrators
  • Outsourcing companies
  • Information Technology Services
  • Full-service hardware and IT companies.


RefinePro [] provides data services as part of our network of companies.

RefinePro provides data strategy, system architecture, implementation and outsourcing services. We help organizations to scale and automate data acquisition and transformation workflow. We will help you to select the right tools (database, server, data processing framework), and setup your processes to meet your data quality requirements while minimizing the maintenance effort.


Our Data Team focuses on Data Science and Big Data Solutions. This team brings a deep smarts in data: stewardship; governance; discovery; mining; analysis; modelling; engineering; warehousing; transformation; integration; and visualization. We also provide solutions for predictive analytics and dealing with unstructured data. 

Data Migration and Integration – We join you early in the process, assess the effort related to the migration, and advise on the best strategy and any potential roadblocks – we’ll get rid of any surprises in the work plan. We perform end to end data migration from extraction from the legacy system to field mapping and loading the data in your staging and production environments.


Data Migration is often an opportunity to improve the quality of your data. We can help you to:

  • Remove and merge duplicate entries;
  • Clean and validate records (eg. address, email) ;
  • Augment and enrich data (eg. address geocoding, social media profile linking…) ;
  • Enforce data integrity and format.
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